Is Vaseline Good for Acne?

vaseline-good-acne Credit: Bruce Ayres/The Image Bank/Getty Images

While petroleum jelly has properties that may actually aggravate acne, the Vaseline brand has soothing properties that do not clog the pores therefore helping treat acne. Vaseline touts its product as "highly refined," so it does not have the harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. On its own website, Vaseline claims its product heals dry skin as well as protects minor cuts and reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines.

Even though many people still believe petroleum jelly aggravates or induces acne because it works as a sealant, there has been no concrete evidence to support the notion that it clogs pores and causes breakouts. Yet many people who work in the beauty industry tend to stay away from petroleum jelly including Vaseline because they claim it seals in dirt and other toxins. However, they also concede that at times it provides a good temporary solution for hydration. Dermatologist Alan Dattner tells the Huffington Post that petroleum jelly does a good job of holding in moisture if the user thoroughly washes and moisturizes the skin before application. Otherwise, petroleum jelly repels water and does not have water-soluble properties, so it may also create a barrier to moisturization with dirty skin.