What Are Various Causes for Burning Pain in the Toes?


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Possible causes of a burning sensation in the toes include an injury, prolonged sitting, improperly fitting footwear or a circulation problem affecting blood flow to the feet, states Healthgrades. Some people experience a toe burning sensation because of nerve damage caused by exposure to toxic substances or too much heat or cold.

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Burning pain in the toe is also a symptom of peripheral neuropathy, which is related to poor function of the peripheral nerves responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and spinal cord and the rest of the body, explains Healthgrades. Diabetes and alcoholism are common causes of peripheral neuropathy.

The burning sensation can affect only the toes or also other parts of the body, notes Healthgrades. Some people experience only a toe burning sensation, while others suffer accompanying symptoms such as numbness and pain. A toe burning sensation associated with an injury, such as stubbing the toe, typically occurs suddenly. In patients with an underlying medical condition, such as neuropathy, the burning sensation develops gradually and aggravates after a certain period.

A toe burning sensation that occurs due to a serious burn requires proper medical treatment, according to Healthgrades. Prompt medical attention is also essential if the burning sensation occurs with stroke symptoms, such as a severe headache, loss of consciousness, or weakness or numbness on a single side of the body.

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