How Does a Vapor Mod Work?


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A vapor mod works by feeding e-liquid from a reservoir into an atomizer; the mod's battery unit then supplies power to the atomizer, heating the e-liquid until it vaporizes. After vaporizing, the user then pulls the vapor into her mouth or simply inhales it. A vapor mod works in much the same way as a typical e-cigarette, but it has many advantages.

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While a vapor mod functions in exactly the same way as a more affordable e-cigarette, a pricier vapor mod is usually a better choice, particularly for those who use their devices frequently. Usually, the only disassembly possible with an e-cigarette is opening the device for adding more e-liquid. This means that if almost any of the device's parts malfunction, performing an at-home repair is unlikely.

With a vapor mod, on the other hand, the user can easily remove virtually every part of the device, making repairs easier and cheaper. Vapor mods typically feature stainless steel construction, and they are designed for greater durability than e-cigarettes.

Special types of vapor mods, called box mods, add even more versatility to the user's vaporizing experience. Most box mods are similar to other vapor mods, but they have additional battery capacity. More expensive box mods incorporate variable wattage and voltage settings, letting the user choose just how much electricity the battery delivers to the atomizer.

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