What Is a Vapor Mod?


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A vapor mod, also referred to as a vape mod, is generally larger and more powerful than a traditional vape pen. An individual using a vape mod can try different wicks, batteries and heating coils. Wattage and volts are customizable, and larger vape clouds can be produced.

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A vape mod allows users to interchange replaceable parts, such as the tank, to create a unique look and a personal experience. It is best to try vaping with an inexpensive vape pen, and move up to a more expensive and larger vape mod over time. There are literally hundreds of vape mods to choose from, offering a wide array of functions that beginners won't generally be aware of. For individuals who vape as a hobby or pastime, a vape mod is generally considered a good choice.

There are a few downsides to using a vape mod. They are definitely bulkier than small vape pens. The more power the vape mod has, the larger the battery tends to be. The larger size makes them less discreet, and they normally don't fit in pants' pockets, so are not easy to transport. Certain parts, such as the heating coil, must be replaced fairly often, depending how much the user smokes. Luckily, most small replacement parts are very affordable.

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