What Vaccines Are Recommended to Travel Safely to Peru?


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Before going to Peru, all travelers should make sure their routine vaccines are up to date, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Most travelers also require a hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine. Depending on the length of the stay and the traveler's plans, the CDC recommends other vaccines.

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Travelers need to check their shot record before each trip, according to the CDC. In addition to the normal vaccines, the traveler needs to have his yearly flu shot. Travelers with questions concerning routine vaccines should speak with their primary care physician.

Contaminated food and water in Peru exposes the traveler to hepatitis A and typhoid. Regardless of where the traveler stays or eats, the CDC recommends he have the hepatitis A shot. Adventurous eaters and travelers who plan to stay in rural areas or with friends and family should have their typhoid shot.

Hepatitis B, malaria, yellow fever and rabies are not a risk for all travelers, reports the CDC. However, travelers who are likely to have sex with a new partner or get a tattoo in Peru are at risk for hepatitis B and need the vaccine before they travel. Travelers who plan to visit areas of Peru where yellow fever is a problem should have the vaccine. If working with animals, they should consider the rabies shot. Mosquitoes in Peru carry malaria and travelers should take prescription medication to prevent the disease before, during and after their travels.

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