Is a UTI Contagious?


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According to the Saint Xavier University Health Center, UTIs, or urinary tract infections, are not contagious. Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections that affect any portion of the urinary tract. They are common in women and can rarely occur in men.

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According to TeensHealth, UTIs are not contagious; however, bacteria that causes infection can enter the urethra during sexual intercourse. Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia are contagious and can cause urethral discomfort and inflammation, symptoms that are similar to those of a UTI.

Saint Xavier University states that there are three main types of urinary tract infections. These include urethritis, cystitis and aspyelonephritis. All three types are named based on the portion of the urinary tract they affect. They are also caused by bacteria and most often, E. coli is the bacteria that infects the urinary tract system and causes the infection.

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