How Does a UTI Cause Blood in a Male's Urine?


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The bacteria present in a UTI cause an influx of white blood cells, some of which end up in the urine. Doctors perform urinalysis when attempting to diagnose a UTI, and the presence of white blood cells is one positive marker, as stated by Urology Health.

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In addition to blood in the urine, a UTI has several other symptoms. The lining of the urethra and bladder develop irritation and redness, just like the throat does during a cold. This irritation can lead to pain in the pelvic region and abdomen and can make people feel like urinating more often, even though each attempt only produces a small amount, along with a burning sensation. Cloudy or smelly urine is also a potential symptom of a UTI, according to Urology Health.

Urinary tracts are caused by bacteria. The skin and rectum host legions of bacteria, and occasionally they can enter the urine via the urethra and move into the bladder and even make their way to the kidney. Wherever the bacteria spreads, infections are possible. People who have recently had a catheter in place or have an obstruction that prevents normal urination are more likely to develop a UTI. Diabetes and disorders affecting the immune system also elevate the risk of UTIs, notes Urology Health.

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