Who Is Usually in a Hospital Staff Directory?


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Employees and other personnel who are usually listed in a hospital staff directory include various levels of physicians and trainees, according to the Albany Medical Center physician directory. Other staff directory listings may include administrative personnel, research staff and investigators, notes the research institute Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Who Is Usually in a Hospital Staff Directory?
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Physicians included in a hospital's staff directory may be listed in one of several different categories. Interns are physicians in training who are practicing medicine under the direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor, explains Albany Medical Center. Residents have received a medical degree and completed an internship, but are still practicing and training in a medical specialty under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Chief residents are the most senior residents who usually serve as a leader advocating for staff residents. They generally act as a liaison between hospital staff and the residency program director.

A hospital fellow is a physician who has completed his residency and is training in the hospital in a subspecialty, according to Albany Medical Center. An attending physician is a licensed physician on staff at a hospital who practices medicine in the specialty in which he is trained. He may supervise residents, interns and fellows and may also serve as a medical school teacher if the hospital is part of a college or university system.

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