What Is the Usual Treatment for a Hip Labral Tear?


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Following a hip labral tear diagnosis, doctors may recommend starting with conservative treatment methods such as resting the hips and using painkillers depending on the extent of the tear, according to WebMD. Other treatments include the use of medication, therapy and arthroscopic surgery, as Mayo Clinic indicates.

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The treatment options for hip labral tears depend on the severity of the condition, as Mayo Clinic explains. A doctor may recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. Doctors may also recommend medical treatment in the form of corticosteroids injections into the joint to control the pain temporarily.

Physical therapy is a common treatment option for patients with hip labral tears, notes Mayo Clinic. Physical therapists can help patients maximize their range of motion around the hip as well as hip stability and strength. A therapist can help a patient reduce the stress put on the hip joint and avoid it by analyzing the patient's movements.

Doctors recommend arthroscopic surgery when conservative measures fail to work, according to WebMD. The treatment takes a minimally invasive approach. The doctor inserts surgical tools and a fiber-optic camera inside the affected area using small skin incisions, as Mayo Clinic describes. The procedure involves removing or repairing the torn tissues depending on the severity of the tear.

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