What Is the Usual Prognosis of a Spindle Cell Tumor?

The prognosis for a person with a spindle cell tumor depends on many factors, including the type of tumor, its location and the stage and severity of the disease. The term spindle cell describes the appearance of the tumor, not a specific diagnosis, the National Cancer Institute explains.

Spindle cell tumors are usually sarcomas or carcinomas, states the National Cancer Institute. Sarcomas arise from bone or soft tissue, the American Cancer Society explains. The 5-year survival rate for adults with localized soft-tissue sarcoma is 83 percent, as of 2015. However, that number drops to 16 percent if the cancer had spread at the time it was diagnosed.

Carcinomas arise from skin and the linings of organs, such as the lungs, kidneys or colon, states WebMD. Most breast and prostate cancers are carcinomas as well. The long-term prognosis for patients with skin cancer is very good. However, the prognosis for people with advanced breast and colon cancers is not.