Does Using Flour Help to Stop Bleeding?


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Using the flour form of Avitene, a microfibrillar collagen hemostatic, helps to stop bleeding, claims the Indian Journal of Urology. Introduced early in the 1970s, Avitene is purified bovine collagen processed into microcrystals and converted into different forms. Applying the plant-based flour on the cut accelerates clotting, explains Fight Medicine.

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The body stops injured blood vessels from bleeding by the process of hemostasis, which includes blood clotting, according to Merck Manual. The three-step process first involves the blood vessels constricting, which slows the blood flow and allows clotting to begin. Platelets, which are blood particles similar to cells, then help form clots by creating a mesh that seals the injury. Finally, thrombin and collagen, two proteins in the blood, act on the platelets, which change shape, stick together and attract more platelets to the area of injury to produce the clot.

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