What Are Some Uses for Zinc Sulphate?


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Zinc sulfate's primary uses are in reducing zinc deficiencies in humans, plants and animals. Many medicines are made from zinc sulfate for use in both humans and animals, and it is a primary component in many fertilizers.

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The World Health Organization considers zinc sulfate one of the essential medicines. It is typically used to treat viral gastroenteritis and ADHD as well as being an astringent and an emetic.

Zinc sulfate electrolytes are also used in zinc plating to create stronger, more chemically resistant steel products. It also plays a major role in the production of rayon as well as in producing the chemical pigment lithopone. Zinc sulfate is used in products that detect alpha rays and as a component in many infrared optical devices. When a zinc deficiency is detected in soil or animals, zinc sulfate is the primary compound used to resolve the problem. This compound is also a very powerful pesticide and an herbicide that is often used to control or eliminate moss growth on roofs and other objects.

Zinc is an essential mineral required for the survival of most plant and animal life. It is the third most important nutrient for plant growth after phosphorous and nitrogen.

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