What Are Some Uses of Vitamin B-100 Complex?


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Vitamin B-100 complex addresses vitamin deficiency that may be due to causes including alcoholism, specific medical conditions, pregnancy or an inadequate diet, WebMD states. Vitamin B-100 complex consists of a combination of B vitamins, considered the モbuilding blocksヤ of the body, making it beneficial for many conditions.

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Vitamin B-100 complex usually has minimal side effects, WebMD notes. Occasionally, individuals may experience stomach troubles or flushing, but these effects typically subside once the body has fully adjusted to vitamin B-100 complex. They do not require medical attention unless they grow more severe or do not fade. Uncommonly, individuals may develop a strong allergic reaction, which leads to symptoms including difficulty with breathing, strong dizziness, rash, and itching or swelling, particularly on the face, the throat or the tongue.

Individuals suffering from conditions such as diabetes, vitamin B-12 deficiency, any allergy or an impaired liver functioning should consult their doctors or pharmacists before using vitamin B-100 complex, WebMD advises. Although there is no indication that vitamin B-100 complex harms nursing children, breastfeeding women should also consult their doctors or pharmacists before using vitamin B-100 complex. Individuals with liver disease, diabetes or any form of alcoholism should consult their doctors or pharmacists before taking vitamin B-100 complex in liquid form as it may contain alcohol or sugar.

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