What Are the Uses and Side Effects of Gas-X?

What Are the Uses and Side Effects of Gas-X?

Gas-X, or simethicone, relieves symptoms of gas buildup in the stomach such as belching and bloating, says WebMD. The drug works by breaking up gas bubbles and alleviating stomach discomfort. The recommended dosage for self-medication is 500 milligrams a day. Gas-X poses no known or common side effects; however, patients should seek medical attention if they notice any side effects, says Drugs.com.

Although product labeling of Gas-X does not include the use in certain procedures, medical experience shows it is effective for other medical conditions. Physicians use it to reduce the amount of gas in the gut prior to gastroscopy, a procedure to examine the digestive tract. Simethicone facilitates bowel radiography, a medical imaging technique that uses X-rays, by relieving pressure in the gut according to Mayo Clinic


Although side effects are uncommon, patients may experience allergic reactions to the product, which are rare, with possible symptoms that include itching, swelling on the face or tongue, difficulty breathing and excessive dizziness. To avoid possible side effects, follow the directions on the product’s package or use Gas-X according to a doctor’s directions, advises WebMD.

Gas-X contains inactive ingredients that may cause problems, and patients who are prone to allergies should inform their pharmacists before taking the medication, cautions Mayo Clinic. To minimize the risk of drug, food or alcohol interactions, patients should discuss the use of the drug with a physician.