What Are Some Uses for Powdered Alcohol?


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Palcohol, the creator of powdered alcohol, states the product is useful for people and industries that need to store and transport alcohol-containing products in large quantities, such as the medical and travel industries. For example, Palcohol states on the website that energy industries are looking to use the product as a lightweight method of powering such applications as camping stoves.

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Mark Phillips developed Palcohol. He wanted a lightweight form of alcohol to add to water after a long day of exercise. He originally developed three flavors, vodka, rum and three different cocktails. The federal government approved the product for sale in 2015.

Phillips aimed for Palcohol to be available for sale over the counter, as alcohol is, by the summer of 2015 but quickly ran into controversy. In August 2015, the New York governor banned the selling of Palalcol throughout New York State. His reason was that the product was accessible to underage drinkers. Other people criticized the product because they felt it was too easy for people to ingest large amounts of it at one time. In reply Philips claimed their attitude was creating a black market for his product. As of 2016, 20 other states have banned Palcohol, including Alaska, Washington and Virginia.

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