What Are Some Uses for Lavender Oil?


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Lavender oil is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including hair loss, anxiety, canker sores and pain associated with a Cesarean section. A pad infused with lavender oil and placed on a garment's neckline is also used to prevent accidental falls in patients residing in nursing care facilities, notes WebMD.

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Another use for lavender oil is in aromatherapy, which is said to treat dementia and pain from cancer. However, as of 2015, scientific literature suggests that using this essential oil does not alleviate cancer-related physical discomfort nor promote cognitive improvement in demented patients, states WebMD.

Although there is inadequate clinical evidence to support these health claims as of 2015, some people use lavender oil for eczema, agitation, constipation, colic, depression, hypertension, menstrual pain, insomnia, migraine, ear infections and wounds.

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