What Are the Uses of Keflex?


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Keflex is an oral antibiotic medication that can be used to treat many different bacterial infections, according to WebMD. This medication works by stopping the growth of bacteria in infections, such as strep throat, pneumonia and staph infections of the skin, reports MedlinePlus.

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Keflex must be prescribed by a doctor and taken according to specific instructions. It is taken by mouth, either in the form of a pill or liquid, usually every six to 12 hours, as explained on WebMD. There are several common side effects associated with using Keflex with diarrhea being the most common one. Other more serious side effects include seizures and pale or yellowed skin. Allergic reactions to Keflex are rare, but they can include a rash, itching, swelling of the face or tongue, severe dizziness and difficulty breathing.

Keflex is known as cefalexin and belongs to the class of drugs known as cephalosporins. It was developed in 1967. In 2012, it was one of the top 100 most-prescribed drugs in the United States, as reported by Pharmacy Times. Cefalexin is also included on the World Heath Organization's List of Essential Medicines, which is a list of the most important medications needed in a health system.

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