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Hi-Lipase is used primarily for aiding digestion, although it is also used to lessen the effects of indigestion, heartburn, Crohn's disease and cystic fibrosis. Hi-Lipase is a naturally-occurring digestive enzyme that some people lack; for those individuals, supplementing a diet with Hi-Lipase helps the digestive system break down and digest fats. Hi-Lipase enzymes come in the form of capsules that are often consumed before a meal; they work by breaking fat into small pieces, which stimulates digestion, say authors at WebMD.

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Lipase is a supplement that is used as a medicine, say experts at WebMD. However, it is also used to mitigate gluten allergies and sensitivity. This enzyme is a protein found in humans, plants, animals and even bacteria; shapes differ among these enzymes, but they perform the primary role of facilitating digestion and transporting digestive fluids.

As a supplement, Hi-Lipase exists in the form of capsules, along with several other ingredients. Generally, people take one to two capsules before eating meals with fatty foods. They can also take capsules between meals as needed. More evidence is needed to verify the effects of Hi-Lipase supplements for human digestion, say experts at WebMD, but these enzymes appear to offer relief to patients suffering from digestive disorders. Additionally, as a naturally-occurring substance, enzyme supplementation does not pose health risks.

Although primarily designed for human use, lipase enzymes have some industrial uses. They are added to yogurt and cheeses to accelerate fermentation, and are also added to chemicals as catalysts.

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