What Are the Uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract?


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Grapefruit seed extract has various internal medicinal applications, such as treating skin disease, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, obesity and more, claims WebMD. It can also be applied topically for skin irritations such as candidiasis.

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Because grapefruit seed extract contains antibiotic properties, it can be gargled to kill bacteria to prevent bad breath and be taken by mouth for viral, fungal and bacterial infections, states WebMD. For this reason, the extract is used as a dental rinse for gingivitis and can also treat throat infections. It is additionally used to cleanse the nasal and ear passageways to help remedy and prevent infections. The extract can be vaporized and inhaled to treat lung infections, depression, headaches and stress and fight dehydration by allowing the body to retain water.

Grapefruit is nutrient-rich, containing vitamin C, pectin, fiber and potassium; its antioxidant benefits help protect the body from cell damage in addition to reducing high cholesterol, according to WebMD. Its ability to kill bacteria and fungus also allows it to prevent mold growth, preserve food and water and kill parasites, making it very useful for farmers. Its oil and seed extracts are used extensively in cosmetics, household cleaners, soaps and fragrances, and it is used for disinfecting meats, fruits, dishware and kitchen surfaces. Alternatively, the oil of the extract can improve hair growth, tone the skin, reduce muscle fatigue and treat oily skin and acne.

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