What Are Some Uses for Epsom Salts?

uses-epsom-salts Credit: Heike Rau/iStock/Getty Images

Patients can take Epsom salts to boost their magnesium levels, treat some forms of cardiovascular disease, improve their cardiovascular health and treat an array of other conditions, WebMD states. The evidence supporting the use of Epsom salts to treat various conditions varies.

As magnesium deficiency is uncommon, especially among African Americans and the elderly, many people take Epsom salts to treat it. Others may use it to lower their bad cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure, treat irregular heartbeats and prevent heart attacks. In some cases, patients may take it as a laxative when they are suffering from constipation.

Other conditions patients use this supplement for include ADHD, kidney disease, Lyme disease, migraines and fibromyalgia. People may also apply it to their skin to speed up wound healing and to reduce the presence of certain dermatological conditions. As a compound that is present in the body, magnesium is needed for bone growth, nerve development and the neutralization of stomach acids. Although some supplements contain coral calcium to promote better absorption, there is no evidence to suggest that this is effective. While it is used for an array of conditions, efficacy varies. For example, it is highly effective at addressing high blood pressure, but scientists are unsure as to whether it treats nerve pain.