What Are Some Uses of Carmol 20 Cream?


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Carmol 20 is a moisturizer with medication to treat diaper rash, rash from radiation treatment and other minor skin irritations, according to WebMD. People also use the medication to prevent dry, scaly, rough and itchy skin.

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Dry skin occurs when there is a loss of water in the top layer of the skin, and medications such as Carmol 20 help keep water in the skin, explains WebMD. When using Carmol 20, it is important to use it correctly and follow all of the directions on the label. The amount of medication to use depends on the condition, as does number of times to apply each day. For instance, if applying Carmol 20 to the hands, it is important to reapply it after washing the hands throughout the day.

Carmol 20 does not have many side effects, but if they occur, a patient may experience stinging, burning, irritation or redness, states WebMD. If a patient experiences these side effects, or if they do not go away, the individual should contact a doctor. A serious reaction to Carmol 20 is rare, but if an individual experiences any signs of an allergy to the medication, it is best to seek out emergency medical assistance. These signs include rash; itching or swelling of the face, throat or tongue; trouble breathing; or severe dizziness.

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