What Are Some Uses of Benzocaine Spray?


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Benzocaine spray relieves itching from insect bites, improves pain from cuts and burns, and lessens itching from poison ivy, reports Drugs.com. The uses of benzocaine spray for mucous membranes include numbing the mouth and throat before medical procedures, relieving pain from sore throats and decreasing pain while gums adjust to dentures, according to MedicineNet. Oral benzocaine spray also improves pain from dental procedures, canker sores and injuries to the gums or mouth.

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Benzocaine spray numbs the skin and is a topical anesthetic, states Drugs.com. The spray works by blocking nerve signals, states RxList. It lessens pain from sunburns, ingrown toenails and other minor skin irritations. The oral form works well for teething pain.

Healthcare professionals use oral benzocaine spray before intubation, reports MedicineNet. It also helps with pain during the process of fitting dentures. The spray numbs the area just seconds after application and lasts for 15 minutes.

Healthcare professionals and patients may use regular benzocaine spray to treat skin conditions externally, but not in the mouth, in the vaginal area or in the nose, states Drugs.com. Patients may use benzocaine spray for up to a week to improve pain and itching. After a week, patients should check with their doctors.

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