What Are Some Uses for Azelaic Acid Cream?


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People use azelaic acid cream as treatment for acne, according to WebMD. It reduces the bacteria that cause acne and keeps the pores open and prevents blockage. It is a dicarboxylic acid.

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People must apply this cream to the skin twice a day, usually in the morning and at night, depending on a doctor's recommendation, notes WebMD. After cleaning the area where acne appears, people should apply a small amount of cream and massage it into the skin. Consistently using this medication ensures the best results; it often takes at least a month to work. People should avoid using large amounts of this medication and keep it away from the eyes, nose and mouth.

Some side effects of this medication are stinging, burning and itching, states WebMD. These often occur when people first start using the treatment but subside as the body adjusts. Doctors may recommend using the cream only once a day if the irritation continues. Skin discoloration may occur, especially in those with darker skin.

Trouble breathing, a rash and swelling of the face, tongue or throat are all symptoms of an allergic reaction to this cream, explains WebMD. This occurrence is rare, but it is important to contact a doctor immediately if these symptoms present. People should call poison control if they swallow this medication as it can be harmful to the body.

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