What Are the Uses for 500 Milligrams of Metmorfin?

Metformin is a drug used in combination with other drugs or insulin to treat type 2 diabetes, explains WebMD. Taken orally, this drug can help to control blood sugar levels by restoring the body's proper response to naturally produced insulin.

Metformin users take the drug with a meal, usually in the evening, unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, according to Drugs.com. They should take metformin exactly as prescribed and must not adjust the dosage without first speaking to a doctor. For metformin to work properly, it is best to swallow the pill whole and not crush or chew it. Doctors recommend that patients check their blood sugar often while on metformin, and possibly take additional B vitamins. Some benefits of controlling blood sugar with metformin are the prevention of kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs and sexual dysfunctions.