What Are Some User Reviews of Ashwagandha?


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The majority of user reviews for Ashwagandha are positive and report beneficial health effects, such as the elimination of hot flashes, reduced pain and improved stress levels, according to WebMD. However, some users report negative side effects such as hallucination, gastrointestinal upset, increased urination and overstimulation of the thyroid.

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Most reviews for Ashwagandha are positive in terms of the effectiveness, ease of use and overall satisfaction from using this herb, reports WebMD. One user reported that Ashwaghanda helped decrease muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia, while also noting improvements in clarity of memory and the ability to recall information. Another user reported that his severe back pain was gone after two days of taking the herb. A positive review from one Ashwagandha user indicates the herb aided recovery from a case of Lyme disease, while multiple users report a reduction in blood pressure level. Several users reported improvements in sleep, although at least one male was uncertain if the herb helped him to sleep better, and a female reported having worse sleep.

Increased urination is a negative side effect that is reported by more than one Ashwagandha user, according to WebMD. Diarrhea and vomiting are some other negative side effects reported in a single review of Ashwagandha. Additionally, itching was also reported as a side effect by one user.

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