Is It Useful to Subscribe to Express Scripts Formulary?

Is It Useful to Subscribe to Express Scripts Formulary?

In many cases, the Express Scripts formulary is useful for allowing patients to receive listed medications at a discount. The formulary also helps patients determine their co-payments for prescription drugs, says Express Scripts.

The formulary does not determine which medications a physician is allowed to prescribe, according to Express Scripts. If a doctor wishes to prescribe a medication not covered under the formulary, it is possible to work with Express Scripts to find an alternate medication or to get a coverage exception for the drug he wishes to prescribe.

Patients who have prescription plans with Express Scripts are able to view their formulary on its website, the company advises. Patients log in at the top right of the screen using their usernames and passwords.

Express Scripts has many years of experience in formulary development, the company states. It develops its formularies with the help of various committees, including the Therapeutic Assessment Committee, National Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee and the Value Assessment Committee.

The Express Scripts National P&T Committee is composed of 15 nonemployee physician members and one pharmacist, according to its website. The members come from a wide range of specialties and include both community and academic-based practitioners. Those involved in the P&T committee do so primarily because of a desire to improve patient care across the country, although they receive a stipend as well.