How Do You Use Yoga for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief?


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Yoga can be used to treat sciatic nerve pain through the alignment and strengthening of the spine, thus managing and even reducing herniated disks, according to Yoga International. If the cause of sciatic nerve pain is due to tight piriformis muscles, gentle stretches are applied.

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Bulging or herniated disks in the lower back can be a cause for sciatic nerve pain, as these can pinch or press upon the nerve as it passes through the spine, reports Yoga International. Poses, such as downward dog, and basic standing asanas are recommended to lengthen, align and strengthen the spine when a bulged disk causes sciatic nerve pain. While yoga can prevent the need for surgery of bulging disks in many cases, medical professionals need to be consulted if the injury is too severe, warns Yoga International.

A tight piriformis can be a cause for sciatic nerve pain, as the nerve passes between this muscle and the sacrum. In the case of a tight piriformis, gentle stretches are recommended by Yoga International, as forceful efforts can cause the muscle to painfully re-tighten and exacerbate the nerve pain. Simple seated and standing twists, hamstring stretches, king pigeon pose, and Gomukhasana all are recommended to lengthen the piriformis and reduce sciatic nerve pain.

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