How Do You Use a Weider Home Gym?

How Do You Use a Weider Home Gym?

To use a Weider home gym, install the gym with a tool set, secure the screws in place, steady the weight bench, wear athletic gear and shoes, and exercise according to the safety precautions stipulated in the home gym's manual. Various exercises, such as weight lifting sets, pull ups and leg lifts, can be performed on a Weider home gym.

  1. Install the home gym

    Read through the installation directions included with the home gym, and screw in each component. Test the weight bench, and pull up bars to ensure the equipment is sturdy and compiled correctly.

  2. Steady the weight bench

    Place weights on the weight bench bar one at a time, while steadying the opposing side. Grab hold of the base of the home gym to ensure the equipment can handle the weight on the bar.

  3. Prepare your body

    Dress in stretchy athletic gear for ease of use when exercising on a Weider home gym. Bulky clothes with pockets can get stuck on the components of the gym, causing injury. Wear athletic shoes to protect your feet.

  4. Exercise safely

    Begin by lying down on the weight bench with hands positioned on the weight bench bar. Lift the bar slowly to test strength and weight amounts. If the weights are too heavy, remove a few pounds of weight from each side of the bar, and try lifting it again.