How Do You Use Walking Sticks?


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To correctly use a walking stick or pole, tightly grip the handle at the top, and secure the safety strap around the wrist. Set the walking stick at the most ergonomic height to maximize stability and support. Then, while walking, plant the walking stick at an angle, with the bottom of the walking stick behind the front of it to propel movement forward.

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Correctly gripping the walking stick and using the safety strap allows the stick to be used with excellent versatility and ensures grip is maintained, even on steep inclines and rocky terrain. The safety strap also transfers some of the pressure of using the walking stick from the hands and wrists into the rest of the arms and shoulders. When using a homemade walking stick, try to grip the stick a couple of inches below the top, using the same angled movement to provide support and to propel movement forward.

The correct height of a walking stick is such that gripping the end creates a perfect 90 degree angle from the wrist to the elbow and up to the shoulder. The 90 degree angle helps facilitate the movement with the walking stick and ensures that the propulsion is driving from the shoulders and the elbows, and not only the wrists and elbows. The height setting of the walking stick can be adjusted slightly for comfort, but it should remain close to this range.

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