How Do You Use Vicks VaporRub for Nail Fungus?


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Applying a small bit of Vicks VapoRub to the affected nail once a day clears up nail fungus for many people, according to the Mayo Clinic. Using a cotton swab to dab the rub on after thinning and softening the nails allows the Vicks to work more effectively.

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Softening the affected nails involves applying urea cream to them at night, wrapping a bandage around them and washing the cream off each morning with warm water and soap to give the nails a softer texture over time, according to the Mayo Clinic. Applying petroleum jelly to the skin around the nails keeps the urea cream from irritating the skin. Once the nails are softer, thinning them with a nail file and trimming them with a nail clipper opens up more surface to the Vicks VapoRub, so that it works on the fungus.

To prepare the affected nails for the Vicks application after softening and thinning them, the first step is to file away any white fungus spots from the nails. Soaking the nails in warm water, drying them thoroughly, and then applying the Vicks to the tops of the nails and dabbing it between the nails and the toes or fingers, gives the medicine access to as much of the infection as possible, as stated by the Mayo Clinic.

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