How Do You Use a Treadmill for the C25K Workout?


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To use a treadmill for the C25K workout, you need to block off a schedule that allows for a nine-week workout plan with multiple workouts throughout each week to achieve a continuous 5-kilometer run without stopping. The treadmill used should be easily adjustable for speed, as you run and walk during these workouts.

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  1. Warm up on the treadmill

    Warm up on the treadmill by setting a pace equal to a brisk walk. Most treadmills have a quick-start option and buttons that allow you to increase the speed incrementally. While the duration of this may vary depending on your starting fitness level, five minutes should be sufficient.

  2. Alternate running and walking increments

    Alternate between running and walking increments on the treadmill, increasing the pace for the running periods and lowering it back down for the walking periods. The running pace should be slow and easy for you to maintain. Begin with short running intervals, such as a minute. The walking intervals should be equal to the running intervals.

  3. Increase the speed and length of the running intervals

    Increase the speed and length of the running intervals as you progress in the workout. Try to add 30 seconds or a minute to each interval while keeping the walking periods similar to the beginning. As you become more advanced, you may increase to long, steady intervals of running, such as 20 to 30 minutes, until you can complete five kilometers without stopping.

  4. Cool down on the treadmill

    Cool down on the treadmill after you have completed all of your running intervals. Set the speed to that of a brisk walk as you did for the warm up, and maintain the same time duration.

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