How Do You Use a Tooth Chart for Kids?


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A tooth chart for kids, such as those offered by Mouth Healthy and the Canadian Dental Association, indicates where teeth are located in the mouth, the name of the teeth, and the age of the child when each tooth is expected to emerge. The top portion of the chart shows the top row of teeth, and the bottom similarly shows the bottom row of teeth.

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Looking at the chart, lines pointing to various teeth indicate the placement of the tooth and state the name of each tooth, including the central incisor, lateral incisor and the molars. Next to the name of the tooth is the age of the person when the tooth is expected to emerge and when it is expected to then fall out of the mouth. Looking at the chart helps to determine the time frame of normal development in the mouth. It shows that all 20 teeth generally grow into the mouth by the age of 2 or 3.

In addition to the chart for children, a second chart shows when permanent teeth are expected to grow into the mouth. This chart again shows where teeth are located and the typical age that they appear in the mouth. The first permanent, or adult teeth, usually emerge around the ages of 6 or 7.

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