How Do You Use Teeter Hang Ups?

To use the Teeter Hang Up inversion table, set the angle tether to the maximum angle of inversion desired, lie on the table, lock in your feet and raise your hands to invert your body. Remain in the inverted position for three to five minutes to decompress your back. Teeter Hang Ups recommends inverting several times a day, such as first thing in the morning, after a workout and before going to bed.

Pre-set the Teeter Hang Up angle tether from 20 degrees up to 60 degrees for full decompression of the back. With the angle tether disengaged, you can fully invert to an angle of 90 degrees. Perform exercises while inverted, such as crunches or sit-ups, to strengthen your core muscles.

Inversion uses body weight and gravity to elongate and relax tense back muscles while decompressing the spine and weight-bearing joints. Decompression relieves back pain by helping to rehydrate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine and relax tense muscles. Decompression aids in joint lubrication by altering the pressure and forces within the joint, stimulating the fluid that nourishes cartilage and enhances shock absorption.

Some users experience benefits right away; for others, it may take two to three weeks of regular use.