How Do You Use Symptom Checkers on Medical Websites?


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Several medical websites, such as Healthline, Mayo Clinic and WebMD, allow users to access symptom checker pages by either typing in the symptoms they're feeling or selecting general terms from a list. After users enter their symptoms, the selected resource identifies possible health conditions, related signs and common treatments. The exact process depends on the symptom checker and the medical website that users visit.

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How Do You Use Symptom Checkers on Medical Websites?
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The symptom checker page on Healthline allows visitors to either write down what they're feeling or select an option from a list of common symptoms, according to Healthline. Visitors then view a page of suggested conditions. Additionally, detailed information concerning a condition's risk factors, treatment options and diagnostic processes is also available.

To use the symptom checker on Mayo Clinic, users select an option from a list that features symptoms commonly experienced by both adults and children, reports Mayo Clinic. Users then go to a page that asks them to select related medical conditions and possible causes. Mayo Clinic also provides important information about the types of symptoms to look out for and the right time to seek professional help.

Individuals can use WebMD's symptom checker by first providing their genders and ages, according to website. They can then view possible causes and treatments for their symptoms.

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