How Do You Use a Straight Catheter?


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A urinary straight catheter is used by inserting it into the bladder and draining the urine into the toilet or a container. Basic preparatory procedures and insertion techniques are the same whether the patient is male or female. Prep time is spent in assuring sterility and preparing supplies, explains MedlinePlus.

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It is important to choose the right size catheter and have available plastic bags and lubricating agents, such as Surgilube or K-Y jelly. Usually, a patient empties the bladder every four to six hours, notes MedlinePlus.

MedlinePlus advises washing hands thoroughly using soap and water and having supplies easily accessible. Using gloves is a personal choice although the physician may require their use. Male patients need to apply lubricant to the tip and first 2 inches of the catheter and insert the catheter gently. Once urine starts to drain, he pushes the catheter in about 2 inches although younger individuals should limit it to 1 inch. When the urine stops flowing from the catheter, the patients slowly removes it, pinching the end to avoid spilling excess urine.

MedlinePlus instructs females to clean the area around the urethral opening thoroughly and apply lubricant to the catheter before inserting the catheter until urine begins to drain. Once it stops, the catheter is slowly removed.

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