How Do You Use the Sportline Pedometer?


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Sportline pedometers require a brief setup in order to measure the user's stride length and to record calories and time. All Sportline pedometers require a basic initial setup, but advanced instructions on how to use specific pedometer models can be found in user manuals, which are available on Sportline's website.

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The first step in setting up a Sportline pedometer is to determine the user's stride. Stride can be calculated by taking ten normal steps across a flat, stable surface. The start and end points should be measured, and that figure should be converted to inches and divided by 10 in order to calculate the user's average stride. Stride can then be entered into the device by pressing the "Mode" button and cycling through to "Step" mode.

Next, calories must be entered. The user should again press the "Mode" button, but this time cycle to "Calorie" mode and then to "Weight" to enter his current weight.

The final step in setting up a Sportline pedometer is to enter time. To enter time, press the "Mode" button until "Time" is displayed on the device. Then choose between 12- and 24-hour formats and enter the current time based on the selected time format.

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