How Do You Use Speech Therapy to Rehabilitate a Stroke Victim?


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Speech therapists may use photographs, drawings, activities, computers, group meetings or visits to commercial establishments to rehabilitate the understanding of speech and the ability to speak in stroke patients, says Everyday Health. These methods are used depending on the skills with which stroke patients are having trouble.

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Showing photographs or drawings to a stroke patient can help him recall concepts or words, explains Everyday Health. A speech-language pathologist may also use activities, such as repeating lists, singing and using computers, to help the patient relearn sounds and words. After the relearning stage, the therapist may take him to a bank, restaurant or grocery store to practice speech. A quiet location is typically chosen so that the patient can hear others and be heard. A group meeting is also a good place to practice conversations. If the patient has trouble speaking, the therapist may suggest that he use alternative means of communication, such as writing, drawing or gestures.

Further into the speech therapy, a vocational specialist may join the sessions to help the patient transition back to school or work, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The speech-language pathologist may also partner with an educational specialist or the employer to implement modifications to the learning or work environment to meet the patient's cognitive or language needs.

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