How Do You Use Spacers for Metered Dose Inhalers?


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To use a spacer with a metered-dose inhaler shake the inhaler, attach the spacer to the inhaler, seal your mouth around the spacer, puff the inhaler while breathing in slowly and deeply through the mouth, and then remove your mouth from the spacer and hold your breath for 10 seconds, according to MedlinePlus. Spacers with one-way valves allow children and other patients with difficulties using standard inhalers to inhale the medicine in two or more breaths, states WebMD.

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Spacers help ensure that the full dose of medicine gets to the lungs, maintains WebMD. Do not use a spacer with a dry-powder inhaler. If you have a new inhaler or one that has not been used in awhile, pump the inhaler four times to prime it before administering your dose. Breathe out fully before placing your mouth on the spacer to ensure that there is enough room in your lungs for the medication.

After breathing the prescribed number of pumps of medication, breathe out slowly through puckered lips, according to MedlinePlus. Then gargle with water and rinse out your mouth spitting out the water when you are done. This helps prevent side effects in the mouth and throat area. Clean your inhaler after each use and store it in a safe, easily accessible place.

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