How Do You Use a SoloFlex Exercise Machine?


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To use a SoloFlex exercise machine, position the stabilizer pins and the load pins in the appropriate holes along the mainframe following the product instructions, which are available for the classic SoloFlex exercise machine on SoloFlex.com under "Assembly." The site also offers examples of beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts. Be sure to load the desired resistance straps and retainer pins before performing any exercises.

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The classic SoloFlex machine combines a weightlifting bench with a squat rack in an L-shaped mainframe. By adjusting the included stabilizer pins, load pins and resistance straps and by varying the height of the barbell arm, any exercise associated with free weights is possible, such as biceps curls, triceps pushdowns, shoulder shrugs, the bench press and the military press.

An adjustable and removable bench and a leg extension increases the variety, allowing for such exercises as the donkey press, leg press, leg curls, incline or decline crunches, and squats. A butterfly attachment makes flys possible, either for chest or rear and upper deltoids.

Adding more resistance straps increases the potential load. The Retro Muscle Machine by SoloFlex includes enough resistance straps to equal approximately 405 pounds. Additional quantities are available on Soloflex.com, as are SoloFlex weight plates. SoloFlex also manufactures Olympic plate attachment rods that accommodate standard Olympic plates up to roughly 500 pounds.

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