How Do You Use Silver Cream for Burns?


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A patient should apply silver cream for burns once of twice a day as directed by a doctor, notes MedlinePlus. Patients should clean the area and remove any dead skin before applying the cream. They should also keep the burned area covered with cream at all times.

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Wearing sterile disposable gloves before applying the cream is necessary, according to Drugs.com. A person should apply a 1/16-inch thickness of the cream on the burnt area. If the area becomes uncovered, the patient should reapply the cream. There may be a need to go for regular blood tests and even a kidney test while using the cream. Patients should not stop using the cream unless advised by a doctor, and if the burned area becomes infected, they should seek medical help.

The medical name for silver cream is silver sulfadiazine, notes WebMD. It is an antibiotic that fights yeast and bacteria on the skin. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that infect open wounds or burns. This medication is used together with other drugs to treat wounds in patients with serious burns. It should not be applied to infants who are two months and below. The possible side effects of using silver sulfadiazine include pain, itching and burning.

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