How Do You Use the Silent Nite Anti-Snoring Device?


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The Silent Nite Slide-Link device fits over a patient's teeth. The device consists of one flexible molded tray for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth, with a connector between them that pushes the lower jaw forward toward the front of the mouth, according to EndSnore.com.

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The Silent Nite appliance creates more space for breath to move through the airway by repositioning the lower jaw forward. Because air has more space, it moves with less force and causes less vibration of soft tissues, reducing snoring, according to EndSnore.com. The Silent Nite is only for patients with at least eight upper and eight lower teeth who have a body mass index of 30 or lower, according to Glidewell Dental. Each appliance is molded to a patient's mouth, according to EndSnore.com.

The Silent Nite's transparent trays are available in tinted pink, blue and green options, as well as in untinted clear, notes Glidewell Dental. Tinted trays make the Silent Nite easier to find when not in use. The Slide-Link is a second-generation device that improves upon an earlier model. The s-shaped connectors between trays on the model available as of July 2015 are more durable than those found on the original, and are more user-friendly in that patients can change them on their own.

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