How Do You Use Rid to Kill Body Lice?


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RID is applied directly to the skin using the instructions on the product’s packaging, according to Drugs.com. The Centers for Disease Control note that the same medicines that are used to treat head lice are also suitable for treating body lice.

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Body lice and the eggs they lay are usually found in the seams of clothing, especially in the armpit and waistline areas, states the RID website. Body lice move from there to the skin where they feed before returning to the seams of clothing to lay more eggs.

Improving personal hygiene through a clean change of clothing at least weekly and by laundering clothing, towels and bedding that were used by the infested person is also important in treating a body lice infestation, according to the CDC. When laundering these items, water that is heated to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit should be used, and the items should be dried in a dryer set to the hot cycle. Hats, coats, scarves and other items should also be laundered, and nonwashable items should be dry cleaned, and furniture should be sprayed with a special lice spray to kill off any lice or eggs on furniture, mattresses and other areas, advises RID.

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