How Do You Use Refresh Optive Eye Drops?

Apply Refresh Optive advanced lubricant eye drops by using the enclosed eye dropper to squeeze out 1 to 2 drops of the product onto the affected eye. Carefully follow the directions for use on the product label, suggests WebMD.

The Refresh Optive patented preservative-free eye drop formula provides long-term symptomatic relief for dry eyes, which triggers burning and irritation in the affected site, explains the Refresh website. This product provides users with its triple-action mechanism, which include moisturizing dry eyes, hydrating optic surface cells and minimizing tear evaporation. The application of Refresh Optive only requires a few simple steps.

  1. Open the container
  2. Wash hands prior to application. Twist and pull the tab to open the vial. Avoid making direct contact with the tip of the dropper or letting it touch the affected eye.

  3. Apply Refresh Optive
  4. Angle the head up and pull down the lower eyelid. Position the dropper directly over the dry eye and instill 1 to 2 drops of the medicine as required. Lower the head and close the eye for at least 2 minutes. Apply mild pressure at the corner of the eye adjacent to the nose to prevent the liquid from draining away.

  5. Discard single-use containers
  6. Do not reuse single-use Refresh Optive vials. Dispose of the medicine properly.

It should be noted that Refresh Optive is for external use only, states CVS. Contact lenses should also be removed before using Refresh Optive.