How Do You Use a Raw Food Diet to Cleanse?


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A raw food diet can cleanse the body by helping it to remove toxins and other unhealthy materials by eliminating certain foods and adding those that aid in cleansing. Raw food cleanses have been purported to offer a myriad of benefits, including improved skin complexion, weight loss, energy gain and overall greater well-being.

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The actual duration of a cleanse varies depending on the diet and the cleansing needs of each individual. An average cleanse may last for up to seven days, but they are typically shorter. Before the cleanse takes place, it may be necessary to do a partial or mini-cleanse to prepare the body. Doing so reduces the shock to the body that comes with the elimination of the normal foods it has been receiving. Certain foods, such as nuts, seeds, oils, fatty foods and coconut, must be avoided during the cleanse. Fresh herbs may be used for seasoning food as dried herbs are not permitted in a cleanse. Any liquids other than water are generally prohibited. Foods that are consumed during a raw food cleanse include any fresh, non-fatty vegetable or fruit that is not cooked. Generally, these foods can be consumed in the quantity desired during the cleanse.

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