How Do You Use Professional Multi-Hip Weight Machines?


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The multi-hip machine trains many of the major leg muscles by facilitating motion within a 180-degree plane. While the name mentions the hip, this machine actually allows for exercises that target the hamstring and quadriceps. One benefit of this machine is that it trains the muscles of each leg individually.

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  1. Perform a standing leg curl

    Adjust the fulcrum of the machine so that it is at knee height, and move the padded roller to a 45-degree angle. Place one of your legs over the roller, grabbing the bar for support. Curl your leg inward, and flex at the top of the contraction. Slowly lower your leg back to starting position.

  2. Perform a standing hip abduction

    Adjust the roller so that it makes a 45-degree angle with the ground. Facing the machine, place the leg nearest the roller over it with the inner thigh making contact. Contracting the inner muscles of the thigh, sweep the roller through until your leg has reached its full range of motion. Pause at the top before slowly lowering the weight back and repeating.

  3. Perform leg extensions

    Adjust the roller so that it's parallel with the floor. Place the back of your thigh on the roller, and hold onto the support handles. Flex your hamstrings, driving your leg backwards until it has reached the full range of motion. Pause, and slowly bring the leg back to starting position.

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