What Do You Do If You Use More Points Than Allowed on Weight Watchers?

One option Weight Watchers provides is allowing dieters to count their points weekly instead of daily. Another option is to reduce the day's points value with physical exercise.

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus system is based on the principle of moderation. Instead of requiring dieters to count calories, carbohydrates or fat grams, Weight Watchers assigns a PointsPlus value to every food. Dieters are then assigned a daily PointsPlus target for optimum weight loss and vitality. As long as dieters stay within their daily PointsPlus target, they lose weight. No food is forbidden, and some foods are even free, such as fresh fruit and some drinks.

Weight Watchers is considered one of America's most-effective diets. A study from the American Journal of Medicine reports that Weight Watchers dieters lost more weight than those who chose to lose weight with their own plans. A Consumer Reports survey reveals that women lose an average of 10 to 28 pounds after nine months on the program, while men average 12 to 35 pounds of weight loss.