How Do You Use Your Plate to Help Control Food Portions?


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To use your plate to control food portions, divide the plate in half with a line, and divide one side in half again. Fill the half with non-starchy vegetables. Fill one small section with grains or starchy foods, and the other with a protein source.

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How Do You Use Your Plate to Help Control Food Portions?
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Dividing your plate into sections lets you choose your foods while eating a smaller portion of high-calorie foods. Modify the items on your plate for your nutritional needs, but make sure to put the healthiest food in the largest plate section.

Non-starchy vegetable options include spinach, carrots, green beans, broccoli and lettuce. Grains and starchy foods include whole wheat bread, oatmeal, potatoes, green peas and crackers. Protein sources include chicken, salmon, beef, eggs and cheese.

Options for a side include one serving of a fruit or dairy food. Choose a low-calorie drink, such as water, tea or coffee without any sweeteners.

Another method to determine portion sizes is putting your normal amount of food on a bowl or plate and measuring it. Reduce your portion sizes as necessary, and don't get more food unless you're still hungry. Don't eat until you're full, just satisfied. Another trick for eating smaller portions is using smaller dishes. On the smaller dish, the amount of food appears larger than it would on a bigger dish.

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