How Do You Use Pilates to Relieve Back Pain?


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Using pilates regularly helps to relieve back pain. Pilates is an excersise that helps improve back posture, develop core strength, promote body awareness and promote flexibility. Pilates addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain and with dedication improves it.

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Pilates is often used with chiropractors and physical therapists for back pain because the excersises strengthen the muscles necessary to properly support the spine improving overall posture over time. Most back pain is from poor quality posture, so pilates helps tone and ease the pain for those who incorporate it into a daily lifestyle. If back pain is severe, check with a doctor or physician before you start pilates, as with all physical activities.

When doing pilates, it is important to be aware of excessive tension and maintaining proper form. When doing pilates it is also important to know your body's limit, if you are a biginner, then gradually work your way up to advance workouts. Remember to also breathe, and engage the supportive core muscles of your trunk. There are pilates excersises for both lower back pain and upper back pain. Make sure to take it easy for the first few times you try pilates.

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