How Do You Use Pictures to Identify the Stages of Bed Sores?


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Pictures of the stages of bed sores, or pressure sores, show the level of skin breakage and damage in each stage, which help to identify the severity of the condition. Pressure sores exist in four stages, with each stage exposing more of the tissue under the skin, explains WebMD.

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In stage one of bed sores, the skin is not broken, but appears red and does not lighten when touched, says WebMD. The skin is usually hotter in this area and feels differently than the surrounding skin. In stage two, the skin breaks open and looks like a scrape, blister or a small depression. By stage three, the sore has reached the tissue under the skin, which may include fat tissue. In stage four, the sore has reached muscle and bone underneath the skin. Despite the severity of stages three and four, there may be little pain present due to the extent of tissue damage.

Sometimes a bed sore may damage the underlying tissue, but does not show as an open sore, according to WebMD. In these cases, the skin may be purple or dark red and a blister filled with blood may occur. Some other bed sores are covered by a layer of tissue and are hard to fit into one of the stages.

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