How Do You Use Phonak Hearing Aids?


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Use Phonak hearing aids for a few hours every day in familiar settings initially, according to the company website. Adjust voice volume to match the new level of auditory volume. Practice talking to people or watching TV to adjust to the new auditory volume.

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Phonak hearing aids select an appropriate volume when they are switched on, claims the company website. Manually adjusting the volume to make it louder rarely helps with understanding. Hearing aids may feel awkward at first and take time to adjust to. Report any problems or pain to a hearing care specialist.

Moving closer to the person of primary focus helps when trying to follow a discussion with several speakers, advises Phonak. Following discussions becomes easier with additional hearing aid experience. When visiting theaters, conference halls or churches, try to sit in the section of the room with the best acoustics. The front and center of the room may have better acoustics than other areas. Try to sit close enough to see the speaker's face.

Try to focus on the overall context when listening to TV and radio programs, recommends Phonak. Sometimes understanding every word is not possible. Ask a hearing aid specialist about additional listening devices if so desired.

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